Why should you come see us?

“The most exciting and innovative circus in the Bay Area”

-Devin Holt, Sf Weekly

"With a cast drawn from the ranks of the city’s finest avant garde circus performers, Circus Automatic’s “In the Tree of Smoke” weaves a tale of loss, longing, and lamentation with mesmerizing feats of acrobatics to boot. “In the Tree of Smoke” promises oohs, ahhs, and innovation, all in one nifty package."


"In Circus Automatic's In the Tree of Smoke, the execution of thoroughly astonishing tricks are only the occasions for the development of fleeting moods and worlds that captivate, again and again, only to wormhole viewers breathlessly into another strange and wonderful dimension."

- SF Weekly

"Circus Automatic is a dream team of circus artists, a lineup of elite performers including a Guinness-approved world record-holder ("Farthest arrow shot into a target using the feet") and a contortionist billed as the "Thomas Mann of frontbending." The mind-blowing acts of this avant-garde troupe usher circus arts into a bold new age. Witness it firsthand at The Great Star Theater."

-The Great Star

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